Gregory J Vogt, PLLC

In this fast-paced world, your business needs to keep abreast of rapidly developing and ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding voice, data and video communications. New technological advances continually challenge the traditional applications of existing telecommunications laws. Existing businesses struggle to understand their obligations and apply these to the new converging environment.

Greg Vogt can provide your company a map to guide you through the regulatory maze. He has worked in the communications industry both at the Federal Communications Commission and in the private sector for over 30 years and understands how important these issues are to your business. You can depend on his advice and representation to position your business to meet these increasing challenges.

What’s New

Greg Vogt's law firm, concentrating on providing legal and regulatory advice to the communications industry, has been in operation for eight years and is going strong. In this ever changing landscape of regulatory and technological changes, your firm needs the most up to date and experienced advice possible. You are home. Greg moved his office from Alexandria, VA, to Black Mountain, NC, 10 miles east of Asheville.  No Washington traffic, but the phone still works, the Internet is fast and it's still easy to get to DC when needed.

Greg Vogt

  • Won reversal of an FCC decision that undercut benefits of “deemed lawful” treatment for incumbent local exchange carriers in the tariffing process.

  • Was at the forefront of encouraging the FCC to adopt changes to the universal service process to benefit non-rural insular companies.

  • Won forbearance for an incumbent local exchange carriers to reprice interstate access services.

  • Successfully prosecuted rate case for incumbent local exchange carrier to increase local rates to cover its costs.

  • Successfully protected incumbent local carrier revenues in face of carrier customer challenges.