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  RLEC Universal Service  

Universal service funding is vital to the continued development of telecommunications and broadband services provided by Rural Local Exchange Carriers (RLECs). FCC universal service funding and policies have been changing in recent years, and more changes are yet to come, which could profoundly impact economic development in rural America.

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  RLEC Mergers & Acquisitions  

Greg participated in a Federal Communications Bar Association panel on May 7, 2008 which outlined the practical and legal issues that a rural telephone company faces when seeking FCC approval for a merger or acquisition.  Although the FCC has streamlined its processes, there are still a lot of complicated details that must be followed in order to gain approval in a short time frame.

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  Pole Attachment Regulations  

Every telecommunications company that must string wires and cables to provide services to its customers has to be able to place them on poles or in ducts and conduit.  Known as pole attachments in the trade, the FCC is considering a change to its pole attachment regulations in order to promote competitive broadband, video and voice services.  Greg participated in a Federal Communications Bar Association presentation on these proposed changes on April 16, 2008.

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  Audit Survival Techniques  

Both the FCC and the Universal Service Administrative Company have conducted audits of universal service beneficiaries. This article you can download by hitting the button below gives some tips on how to avoid audits, and what to do if you are subject to one. The principles work for other government audits as well.

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